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Archival - Notice of Program at the Toronto Library

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:50
Subject: Garden Program

Hello. My name is Edward Karek and I am the Program Officer for the Toronto Public Library. I would like to tell you about a special program we are having at our Lillian H. Smith Library:

Demystifying Native Gardening
LORRAINE JOHNSON reads from Grow Wild! Native Plant Gardening in Canada. Johnson's book inspires and empowers us to discover our sense of home place by gardening with native plants. Her folksy style delivers loads of useful & practical information to help us endeavor to garden *naturally.* Program will also feature slides.

Lillian H. Smith
239 College Street
Toronto, Ontario (416) 393-7746
Thursday May 7,1998 7:00 pm

Please forward this email onto any interested parties. I am also looking for mailing lists (both electronic and printed) of Garden Associations in Toronto and the surrounding area that may be interested in this program. If you know of any, please reply to the above email or fax me at 393-7782.

Thank you.

Edward Karek
Program Officer
Toronto Public Library
(416) 393-7507

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