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Oakville African Violet Society

Basic African Violet Culture:

African Violets (Saintpaulia) are truly the most popular of all flowering indoor houseplants. Saintpaulia are not true violets, but are members of the Gesneriad (gez NEER ee add) family which also includes other popular plants commonly known as 'Cape Primrose' (Streptocarpus), Flame Violet/Peacock Plant (Episcia), 'Goldfish Plant' (Columnea), 'Lipstick Vine' (Aschynanthus), and the Gloxinia (Sinningia Speciosa).

If you provide a few basic conditions, it is possible to have your African Violets blooming for you almost all year round.

What's Wrong With My Plant?

The only way we can tell what is wrong with your plant is to have a look at it.

Do not water your plant on the day of our meeting, then bring it out for us to see.

Be sure to pack it in a large cardboard box to protect it from the cold, and don't forget to cushion the leaves. (Old dry cleaning plastic bags are excellent packing material. Another good idea is to put on a ring or disk to protect the leaves - this can be a foam plastic plate with a hole cut in the middle to fit around the pot.)

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